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Since 2017, Maximus Digital has been a stalwart digital marketing agency, catering to a diverse range of clients across various industries. Over time, we realized the importance of focusing on our core strengths rather than trying to be everything to everyone.  This realization led us to embark on a transformative journey, rebranding ourselves and revamping our service offerings to better align with our target audience and capabilities. As well as our interests, which are philosophy, the timeless architecture of the roman empire, and lasting success & connection. 
Maximus Digital
6 Weeks


During our evolution, we recognized the need to practice what we preach. If we were going to showcase our services to others, we knew we had to demonstrate our expertise by applying them to our own brand. We faced the challenge of reestablishing our identity, repositioning ourselves as strategic consultants, and developing service packages that resonated with our desired clientele.


Our approach to any project is straightforward and effective. Whether it's crafting a logo, formulating a comprehensive strategy, or launching a new product or system, we leverage existing frameworks and internally developed methodologies to ensure a successful brand relaunch.

Our process encompasses the following key milestones:

  • Welcoming Jeff Felber as a New Partner, enhancing our operational capabilities and process management.
  • Developing a cohesive brand strategy and identity that captures our essence.
    • Identifying the ideal tech stack and integrations to deliver a seamless customer experience. 
    • Internally: Leveraging Google Workspace for email and document management, utilizing tools like Notion, Canva, Make, Airtable,  Softr, and Webflow for project management and creative tasks.
    • Externally: Employing Webflow, Make, and SendinBlue for website and email marketing, while utilizing Webflow, Softr, Airtable, and Google Drive for client portals and document storage. Our deliverables are crafted using Google Docs and Canva.
  • Streamlining our offerings by removing time-consuming or low-margin services.
  • Creating impactful marketing and sales materials to showcase our refreshed brand.


Maximus Digital successfully completed its rebranding process on November 1st and is gearing up to unveil new content, services, and client engagements starting in December. Even during our soft launch in November, we've already achieved notable successes:

  1. Cultivated a cohesive professional identity that strongly resonates with our target market.
  2. Discovered a new niche in business strategy, B2B marketing, and the burgeoning cannabis/CBD industry.
  3. Engaging in more meaningful and in-depth conversations with the right clientele, fostering stronger connections.
  4. Secured our first project worth $25,000 in Q3 2022 and booked orders totaling $100,000 for the first half of 2023, highlighting our growing success and demand for our services.
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