How we helped a Fintech Startup Go to Market

LeaseX is a startup that focuses on Web3 technology to transform real estate finance. Their goal is to bring flexibility, accessibility, and control to the rental agreement asset class by creating a new brand that provides a marketplace. In this marketplace, landlords can turn their rental agreements into upfront capital, and investors can invest in this previously unused asset class that offers stable returns of 8-10% APY.
2022 - Present
12 Weeks


LeaseX faced the challenge of creating a cohesive brand, marketing, and sales strategy, as well as a visual identity to prepare for funding rounds, launch, and go-to-market expansion. Maximus Digital was engaged to assist in outlining their key objectives, milestones, and to create a project plan that ensures a successful go-live.


At Maximus Digital, our process is straightforward. We analyzed LeaseX's requirements and set up our process to streamline internal processes and craft a cohesive strategy (Brand, Marketing, and Sales) with a Pitch Deck for a Pre-Seed funding round. Over three months, we conducted interviews and weekly check-ins with internal teams, coordinated the development between LeaseX and Hashed.Network, and finally implemented a new website for LeaseX with copy to match the brand. Milestones that we achieved together are:

  • Conducted Internal Review of Team & Processes
  • Developed a Cohesive Brand Strategy & Identity
  • Recommended Tech Stack & Integrations
  • Created Copy & Visual Identity for LeaseX
  • Consulted MVP Development and Design
  • Developed GTM Strategy and Playbooks for Go Live
  • Crafted a Pitch Deck for a Pre-Seed Funding Round


LeaseX is in the process of developing their MVP with Hashed.Network, and through a joint effort, achieved successful outcomes, including:

  • Developed a fully functioning brand & visual identity that represents the brand vision
  • Conducted an onsite meeting with Hashed.Network, LeaseX, and others to identify network effects
  • Created an internal tech stack and GTM strategy primed for growth in 2023
  • In the process of raising $1,000,000 in a Pre-Seed Round to Launch MVP & Confirm Product Market Fit.

Through our collaboration, LeaseX was able to establish a strong foundation and a clear roadmap to achieve their goals.

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